Officer Interviews: Anne Lake – Web

This post is part of a series to help you get to know your new officers.

  1. Name: Anne Lake
  2. Years as an emerging professional: 1 year
  3. Professional affiliation: University of Kentucky Little Fine Arts Library (formerly Indiana University, I’ve been informed by both parties that I will be disowned if I dare to root for either).
  4. Area of interest: Cataloging, mostly, but all of tech services.
  5. Why did you choose librarianship as a career path? I was floundering after my undergrad in Flute Performance (I hate auditioning), so I decided to pursue something that let me incorporate my love of books and my love of music. My first job was as a volunteer cataloger at Bowling Green State University, and I’ve loved it ever since!
  6. What is your favorite part about library school? The internships and hands on experience! I was able to take two internships, one at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cataloging, and one in Reference. I was also able to get a job working in the Tech Services Department at IU’s Cook Music Library. Those three experiences taught me the more than any of the classes I took (though of course those were good too).
  7. What has been your best experience as a member of MLA? In general, getting to access all the wonderful resources and people who can help me grow my career. But one that particularly sticks out is getting to re-meet someone I shadowed for career day in 7th grade, long before I knew I would become a librarian!
  8. What advice would you give to a beginning library student? Get involved and get your name out there. I am a mega-introvert, so I get it, it’s hard. But the more you talk to people, the more resources you’ll have, and the easier it will be.

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